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Special Solutions
Special Solutions
bridges the gap by water injection - no back flow possible
Special Solutions
Special Solutions

NEOPERL® Injector AD protects drinking water in category 5 (DIN EN1717)

The Injector AD cartridge secures drinking water against unwanted backflow of contaminated water. In contrary to other drinking water safeguard systems the Injector AD works without electricity, pump or water tank. 

The Injector AD fulfills the requirements within the strictest category 5 according to EN1717. Category 5 applies for all fluids which are potentially hazardous to health due to microbiological or viral germs that cause transferable diseases.

The standard prescribes the prevention of potable water inside premises and the general requirements of protection devices to avoid pollution by backflow. Check valves for backflow prevention are not permitted in category 5.

Besides EN1717 the Injector AD meets also the IAPMO standard cUPC acc. to ASME A112.18.1.

How does the safeguarding system work?

An air gap is part of the Injector AD cartridge. Upstream a precise water jet bridges the gap by means of sophisticated nozzle technology. This prevents unwanted backflow of processed water which is possibly contaminated.

The advantages compared to other safeguard systems according to category 5 on a glance:

- requires only little space due to small dimensions
- no electricity, water tank or pump needed
- lime protection
- flow rate: currently 2 l/min; further flow rates available on request
- option: operation with with upstream water heater
- on request: housing

Possible application areas

Everywhere where pathogenic bacteria, microbes or viruses can enter the drinking water and potentially endanger humans. 

- shower toilets
- hospitals / medicals practices
- biological laboratories

Special Solutions

Application example: securing a shower toilet against unwanted backflow.


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