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Renovation of US Location in Waterbury/ CT
20 七月 2017

Renovation of US Location in Waterbury/ CT

In the course of the renovation of Neoperl’s US headquarters in Waterbury/ CT Neoperl and EnterSolar just announced the completion of a rooftop solar system.

This new system will generate almost two-thirds of the total annual power needs of the facility, providing environmental benefits to Neoperl, the Waterbury community and the greater Connecticut area by reducing the release of CO2 emissions and generating enough power to save over 39,474 gallons (approx. 150 cubic meters) of gas per year (or power for 52 households per year).

Going solar was the next  natural step for our US subsidiary. The entire Neoperl Group is committed to sustainability and the maintenance of the earth’s resources: not only by producing water and energy saving products but also in terms of corporate behaviour.

Besides the rooftop solar installation the renovation of the office building was accomplished. The addition of new skylights, which will provide more natural light, low thermal emissivity windows and a new heating and air conditioning system will help save energy and provide modern and friendly workplaces.