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Red Dot Award
mikado design stream aerator
30 三月 2016

MIKADO aerator wins Red Dot design award

Neoperl is among the winners of the international design competition Red Dot Award 2016 in recognition of the product design of its new Mikado aerator.

The panel of judges focused primarily on the unique, grid-like spray pattern created by the geometric arrangement of the individual water jets. Won over by the outstanding creativity and innovative design, the panel of international experts awarded the coveted seal of quality to the original Neoperl invention.


mikado aerator

The new aerator allows real water and energy savings using the PCA® technology which ensures a flow rate of ~0.5 gpm (approx. 1.9 l/min) virtually regardless of pressure fluctuations.

The MIKADO line will be available soon. You can find more information on the MIKADO product page.