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RDV Diverter Valve

RDV Diverter Valve
RDV 5 l/min
RDV Diverter Valve
primary mode: faucet
RDV Diverter Valve
secondary mode: side spray
RDV Diverter Valve
secondary mode: purifier

RDV Remote Diverter Valve - redirection and flow regulation

By means of the hydraulically driven RDV valve the water flow can be remotely redirected from a primary outlet (faucet) to a secondary outlet simply by putting the secondary outlet into operation mode. Examples for secondary outlets: hand spray, purifying filter, faucet water fountain.

Besides the redirection the RDV valve fulfills another important task: flow regulation. A colour coded flow regulator is integrated into the valve which keeps the water flow on a constant level.

Flow rate and restrictions are key factors for the choice of the appropriate RDV flow regulator. This is why the RDV can easily be adapted to the requirements of the application in terms of flow performance.

Available in various flow rates. Please refer to our product database for more information. 


RDV in working position

The RDV valve can be integrated either in the faucet body or in the 3-Way-Quick Connector as part of the hose configuration underneath the sink.