PCW-02 Washer Regulator 1/2" water saving element for shower handles and bib/ pillar taps


The PCW-02 washer regulator is a washer with dual function: sealing and flow regulating. A flexible turbine for secure positioning fits in various tube diameters.

Typical applications are 1/2" shower handles, bib and pillar taps (male thread); these units can easily be equipped with the flexible silicone adapter before installation. 

WATER SAVING - a convenient and inexpensive way to save water and energy

HIDDEN INSIDE - and invisible from the outside

EASY ASSEMBLY – in any 1/2" male thread; perfect for retrofit




Available flow rates: 



Technical information

- washer height: 2.5 mm, minimum bore depth 9.5 mm
- requires a finger-tight mounting torque only
- for 11-16 mm bore diameters