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Spray ITR (SSR) Aerator
Rain Spray
12 marzo 2014

NEW! Spray ITR (SSR) Aerator

Spray stream like no other: the Spray ITR aerator offers a most extraordinary new spray stream, a so-called "Rain Spray". The aerator has a large number of silicone nozzles, which provide an extensive, yet soft water stream.

The insert (with 53 silicone nozzles) is compatible with all M22x1 and M24x1 housings according to EN246. For design faucets, Neoperl offers a low-height SLIM Spray ITR aerator with M24x1 thread. 84 silicone nozzles provide a large water stream diameter - M24x1 STD size equals a M28x1 TF size stream.

The Spray ITR aerator insert is also available as a SSR version with an adjustable swivel angle of ± 7°.


Find more information on the new Spray ITR here.