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We Max The Min
Neoperl booth at ISH 2013
26 marzo 2013

Neoperl presents innovative products

At the recently concluded ISH 2013, Neoperl launched its new innovative products under the motto “We Max The Min.” True to this motto, the latest products make the most of every situation without compromising on user comfort.

Neoperl products presented at ISH 2013 include -

CASCADE® Q: An aerator of the new Q flow rate class, it can be used in situations of low supply pressure and flow rate to produce a full, aerated stream from a flow rate of just two litres per minute and a pressure of 0.2 bar.

CASCADE® PCA® 0.5 gpm (approx. 1.9 litres per minute): The new aerator produces a full, aerated, flow-regulated stream under conditions that only permitted a laminar stream, or even a spray stream, in the past.

New Coin Slot line: Threaded PERLATOR® Coin Slot aerators can be simply fitted into the faucet spout directly with a coin and do not require a brass housing. This saves raw materials as less brass is used in the production process. Furthermore, this opens up new possibilities as far as design is concerned.

At its booth, Neoperl also provided its customers a glimpse into new products, solutions and concepts that are soon to be launched onto the market. One of the products presented was OF7, probably one of the smallest check valves ever produced. It can be fitted into small ceramic cartridges and hose fittings or installed elsewhere in the faucet to save space.

The Thermo PCA® is yet another innovation. A combination of flow regulator and aerator, it produces a full stream of cold water, but reduces the flow rate automatically as soon as the flowing water turns warm. This simple, uncomplicated solution helps save energy without sacrificing user comfort.