neoperl - flow, stop and go
Fittings and connections
Fittings and connections
standard short cone with side flats
Fittings and connections
standard short cone without side flats
Fittings and connections Protection cap
cone with protection cap



Fittings and connections
sticker indicating rotatable connection

Fittings and connections

All fittings are made of brass (CW614N / CW617N). The fitting and crimping process of the ferrules guarantees high tensile strength and therefore a high degree of safety.

All standard connections are chrome-plated brass (optionally coloured) and have a G1/2" thread according to ISO 228/1. The washers are made of certified NBR rubber or similar material.

Protecting caps made of plastic are mounted on the cones to protect the surface during transportation.

Standard connection on both sides of the hose:
30 mm cone length (short) with G1/2" thread

On request we can offer special cones:

  • with o-ring
  • knurled surface
  • hexagon


A revolving connection prevents the hose from twisting. For easy identification a label sticks on the protecting cap of a rotatable cone.