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Quick connector fitting

Quick Connector

The NEOPERL® Quick Connector (available with a clip or a sleeve mechanism, see below) offers a very quick, neat and secure way to connect outlet and kitchen hose.

Benefits compared to brass fitting/nut:

  • easy push-in motion – no twisting or torquing necessary
  • no extra washers needed for sealing
  • positive "click" for a secure connection: you can easily fit the Quick Connector blindly, in awkward positions under the deck
  • easy to disconnect if necessary, yet impossible to disconnect by mistake


Sleeve Quick Connector (SQC)

  • easy-to-use slide-click feature
  • offers room to add two check valves (as stipulated in some regulations)
  • unrestricted availability: for all markets

Quick Connector SQC with sleeve

Clip Quick Connector (CQC)

  • two versions: one-clip or double clip
  • one-clip model: room to add one check valve
  • double clip version: to be used like an adaptor; offers room to add two check valves, as stipulated in some regulations – one check valve can be flow-regulating
  • simple push release to disconnect (with one finger)
  • restricted availability: not offered in some markets

Quick Connector CQC with one clip

Quick Connector CQC with double clip adaptor