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Dosage of Liquids (Example: Solenoid valves)
With the combination of a time-controlled solenoid valve and a pressure-compensating flow regulator, a pre-defined volume of fluid can be dispensed while compensating for changes in line pressure. Applications range from beverage dispensing equipment, electronic faucets to a variety of appliances.

The following example shows how flow regulators can help control the dosage of water or other liquids:
Application: Vending Machine
Flow regulator: ~6.0 l/min
60 sec.= ~0.1 l/sec; dose interval of 2 sec.= dose rate 0.2 liters

Stream Control
Flow regulators can help keep the length of a water stream constant in spite of varying pressures. For instance, emergency eye washes must have a certain length of water stream to ensure that the injured person’s eyes can be cleaned quickly and effectively.

Customised Solutions
Example: Instantaneous water heaters/Boilers
By compensating for varying inlet pressures, flow regulators provide a near-constant flow rate of cold water through the heat exchanger to maintain the water at a constant temperature.