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SOFTPEX® supply hoses – more space for design

Neoperl introduced the Softpex inliner for its connecting hoses in 2003 and has since focused on further developing and evolving the product.

The latest SOFTPEX® hose generation combines proven and innovative properties and features, which are outlined below.

SOFTPEX® hoses can be configured to achieve all worldwide approvals for use in drinking water applications. This simplifies costly, complex logistics and supports standardisation. Our motto still holds:

One World, One Hose


Features and benefits of the new hose generation

  • BOOSTCRIMP® technology
    The patented BOOSTCRIMP® technology enables the optimisation of the hose to increase flexibility while keeping the flow rate requirement level. Boostcrimping is also a quality hallmark for a safely crimped hose.
  • Norm flow rates acc. to EN 13618
    Exceeds flow rate required for EN 13618 despite the thinner inliner.
  • Optimised dimensions
    With the new outer hose diameter (from 10.8 to 9.8 mm for the DN6, M8) 15 % less space is required in the faucet (this value applies to using two fittings). An optimised interference geometry enables an easy installation.

  • All hygienic approvals worldwide
    The Softpex inliner has been granted all hygienic drinking water approvals; it is microbiologically pure and doesn't impart any taste.
  • Increased flexibility
    By optimising the hose diameter, flexibility has been significantly increased.
  • All mechanical approvals worldwide can be achieved, with the combination of brass alloy, braiding and flow rate tailored to meet the specific requirements.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
    Softpex inliner with strong resistance against additives in drinking water such as chloramines and chlorides.