neoperl - flow, stop and go
PCA Technology


Water consumption: as much as necessary (customer satisfaction), but only as little as possible (environmental protection).   



PCA Technology

Working principle PCA® aerators

All Neoperl PCA® aerators are equipped with a flow regulator. This feature ensures a nearly constant flow by compensating for changes in line pressure.

The flow regulator is composed of a body an a dynamic o-ring. The o-ring reacts to the pressure changes and adjusts its shape to decrease the amount of water streaming through the flexible gap: the flow rate remains nearly constant.

What happens when the pressure is increasing? 

The higher the flow pressure, the stronger the o-ring deforms. As the pressure decreases the o-ring relaxes and reopens the water passage.

Constant flow rate with PCA® aerators 

Every PCA® aerator is equipped with a colour coded flow regulator. The colour of the flow regulator indicates the flow rate.

Recommended pressure range: 1,0 - 4,2 bar / 14,5 - 80 psi


1. No or low pressure (static condition):
The o-ring is relaxed.

2. Normal pressure (dynamic condition):
The o-ring subjected to the line pressure is compressed into the seating area which reduces the water passage.

3. High pressure (dynamic condition):
As the pressure increases the o-ring is compressed further into the seating area and reduces the water passage further.