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PCA DC Technology










PCA DC Technology

PCA® DC working principle

PCA® Dual Core aerators are technically based on the proven PCA® technology. The difference: concentric flow regulators work in parallel.

The advantages of the Dual Core technology compared to the classic PCA®  aerators are strongly linked to low pressure conditions.  Due to regional characteristics and/ or restrictive faucets low pressure conditions are quite common, especially at the faucet outlet. 

Starting at a very low pressure of 0.2 bar the PCA® DC provides a soft and comfortable water stream due to an early aeration (increased comfort zone).

Dual Core aerators can be easily recognized by a blue ring around the screen.The visual change for all models will be completed shortly.

Recommended pressure range: 0.2 - 4.2 bar / ~ 3.0 - 80 psi
Nominal flow rate: starting from 0.7 bar

Comparison water stream PCA vs DC at 0.2 bar
Comparison water stream PCA vs DC at 0.2 bar

The use of concentric o-rings enlargens the water passage which leads to a higher flow rate and an earlier aeration particularly in low pressure conditions.

1. No or low pressure (static condition):
The o-rings are relaxed.

2. Normal pressure (dynamic condition):
The o-rings subjected to the line pressure are compressed into the seating area which reduces the water passage.

3. High pressure (dynamic condition):
As the pressure increases, the o-rings are compressed further into the seating area and reduce the water passage further.