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Water conservation
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Water conservation






Water conservation

Saving water - which solutions does Neoperl offer?

There are different options to regulate the water flow and to save water. A technically simple method is to set the size of the bore diameter in order to achieve a certain flow rate at a certain pressure (e.g. 3 bar). 

These restricted aerators highly depend on the pressure conditions. Low pressure leads to a low flow rate, high pressure to a high flow rate.

Restricted aerators are limited when it comes to the following requirements

- fulfilling standards in special markets with low pressure conditions
- supply comfort-relevant minimum flow rates
- evenly distribution of water

This is when PCA® and Dual Core (DC) technologies are the appropriate solution.

PCA® Technology

Neoperl PCA® aerators are equipped with an integrated flow regulator. The pressure compensating flow regulator produces – by means of its o-ring – a flow rate that is nearly constant, regardless of possible pressure variations.

Besides the water saving effect a constant flow is the basis for fulfilling standards and providing an even water distribution.

Recommended pressure range for PCA® aerators:
1.0 - 5.5 bar / 14.5 - 80 psi

Almost all Neoperl aerator lines are available with PCA® technology.

For more information click here: PCA Technology 


PCA® DC Technology 

The Dual Core technology is an enhancement of the proven PCA® technology. Concentric flow regulators work in parallel.

What advantages does Dual Core bring?

- fully aerated stream starting at 0.2 bar ("all pressure" aerator)
- nominal flow rate starting at 0.7 bar
- operation possible in all pressure conditions regardless of 
  the target market
- ideal for restrictive faucets and/or low system pressure

Recommended pressure range for Dual Core aerators:
0.2 - 5.5 bar / ~ 3 - 80 psi

For more information click here: Dual Core Technology