neoperl - flow, stop and go
Sizes & Housings
TJ Tiny Junior Size
STD Standard Size
TT Tom Thumb Size
JR Junior Size
TF Tub Filler Size

Sizes & Housings

TT Tom Thumb
Female M16x1
Male M18x1
IG (female) 3/8"

TJ Tiny Junior
Female M19x1
Male M20x1
Compact Vandal Proof M24x1

JR Junior
US Female 3/4"–27 UNS-2B (vandal-proof version avail.)
US Male 13/16"–27 UNS-2A (vandal-proof version avail.)
Compact Vandal Proof 15/16"-27

Female M22x1 (vandal-proof version avail.)
Male M24x1 (vandal-proof version avail.)
US Female 55/64"-27 UNS-2B (vandal-proof version avail.)
US Male 15/16"-27 UNS-2A (vandal-proof version avail.)
Dual Thread 15/16"-27/ 55/64"-27
Euro Male (with side flats) 15/16"-27

TF Tub Filler
Male M28x1

Vandal-Proof Housings
Rotating sleeve construction to make the aerator and housing theft-proof. Special key is required for removal.