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PERLATOR Coin Slot (CS) Aerator
PERLATOR Coin Slot (CS) Aerator

NEW! PERLATOR® Coin Slot (CS) Aerator

The PERLATOR® Coin Slot Aerator can be used with cast faucets and needs no brass and no tools. This threaded aerator has an integrated coin slot for easy installation and removal with a coin.

NO KEY – all you need is a coin to install or remove the aerator.

NO BRASS – The brass housing becomes redundant, reducing material costs and enabling you to save on special finishes.

100% COMPATIBLE with existing M24x1 aerators and fully compliant with EN246 bore specifications.

FLATNESS is achieved by a revolutionarily small aerator mixing chamber – NEOPERL® technology compressed into very little space.

DRIP RAIL functionality is fully integrated and prevents drops from running down the faucet.

PERFECT STREAM QUALITY – the HONEYCOMB® structure provides perfect stream quality.