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Atomizer Aerators

Atomizers are special aerators with a minimal flow rate (water-saving). The atomization is achieved by dispersing the water into tiny droplets. By contrast with the very small amount of water used, the wetted surface is quite huge. The atomizer is part of Neoperl's ultra-low-flow product solutions portfolio.

There are two different streams available: single and triple jet.

For the triple jet there is also a version which can be directly inserted into the outlet of the faucet. The special M24x1.5 is not compatible with our classic CACHÉ® aerators. 

1.  Atomizer Single Jet (to be used with housing) 
     available sizes: STD and TT
water flow: ~ 0.1  l/min [0.02 gpm] 
     water flow: ~ 0.25 l/min [0.06 gpm] 

2.  Atomizer Triple Jet (to be used with housing)
     size: STD
water flow:  ~ 0.6 l/min [0.15 gpm] 

3.  Atomizer Triple Jet
     size: M24x1,5 (threaded version)
water flow:  ~ 0.6 l/min [0.15 gpm] 

measured @ 3 bar

Atomizer Triple Jet: granted / Atomizer Single Jet: pending


Fields of application
Faucets in mobile installations/ transportations like planes, boats, trains, etc.

All the shown models may not be used for faucets connected to pressureless boilers. Atomization requires supply pressure >1 bar.

Installing check valves at the hot and cold supply is recommended to prevent cross-over flow.
Regular use prevents stagnation in the supply and maintains water quality.