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ISH 2019 - a successful stopover
26 March 2019

ISH 2019 - a successful stopover

The Neoperl Group was exhibiting once again on ISH 2019 in Frankfurt/ Germany.

This year the Neoperl Group celebrated its company anniversary with the slogan "60 years of Neoperl - a great journey"

In keeping with the slogan, customers and visitors got to enjoy an airport atmosphere at the Neoperl booth in hall 4.1. The company added a new destination: an additional booth in hall 9.0 where products for technical applications (e. g. hoses, check valves, flow regulators) were showcased.

What´s new?



Smooth open aerator

You quickly turn on the tap - and it happens again: not only does a lot of water come out at once, but it also splashes in all directions when it hits the sink. The new Smooth Open aerator puts an end to this. The deliberately delayed increase in flow rate prevents heavy spray when the water hits a surface. The aerator is suitable for electronic taps and taps with a large drop height between the spout and basin, for example.

One click - better hygiene

The HONEYCOMB Clinic Snap is especially convenient for hospitals and medical facilities. It consists of an aerator and an adaptor that only needs to be fixed to the tap once. The aerator can be replaced very quickly and easily thanks to the "snap" function. The 4-color design makes it easy to replace the aerator regularly, thus contributing to better hygiene and improved safety.

Pressure relief check valve

In contrast to conventional models, this check valve is equipped with a pressure relief valve. When the pressure increases, e.g. in an thermostatic tap, the pressure relief valve opens at approx. 20 bar and a few drops of water escape into the supply line. This will prevent further increase of pressure.