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Coin Slot Aerators
02 December 2011

Coin Slot Aerators


No brass no tool

NEOPERL has launched a brand new brass-free aerator with its own thread at the ISH trade show in Frankfurt. The PERLATOR® Coin Slot aerator can be easily screwed on and off by means of a coin. It is designed to replace aerators with male brass housings (M24x1 or US thread) in cast faucets; there is no change to current bore specifications and no brass part is necessary.  This opens up exciting new  possibilities in faucet design.

In addition, for tubular spouts CACHÉ® aerators are available with the coin slot feature for easy assembly. No extra key is needed for the removal of this aerator. CACHÉ® Coin Slot aerators have the same bore specification as the existing CACHÉ® versions and sizes.