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PCA Spray (SLC)
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PCA Spray (SLC)
PCA Spray (SLC)
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PCA Spray (SLC)

PCA® Spray / PCA® Spray SLC

For good water dispersion at low flow rates.

  • recommended for application in series lavoratory faucets (public bathrooms exposed to walk-in traffic)
  • pressure compensating for near-constant flow from 0.8 to 6 bar
  • supplies all outlets evenly with water
  • provides a non-splashing, non-aerated spray
  • integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters sediments and particles
  • virtually unbreakable single piece insert ensures a longer useable life
  • SLC feature: soft elastomer layer; lime deposits can easily be rubbed off




The SLIM PCA® Spray SLC is perfect for a good water dispersion at low flow rates. A miniature shower pattern provides a full coverage of the hands during washing and saves water at the same time. Lime deposits can easily be rubbed off due to soft silicone nozzles.

A male thread allows screwing the aerator directly into the faucet. For assembly/ disassembly a service key is needed which adds another feature: making it vandal proof. The SLIM PCA® Spray SLC is particularly recommended for public areas.